Steering Committee

        Chair: Axel Haverich

1.     MHH, Germany: Samir Sarikouch

2.     corlife, Germany: Michael Harder

3.     RB&HFT, United Kingdom: John Pepper

4.     IDIBAPS, Spain: Jose L. Pomar

5.     LUMC, Netherlands: Mark Hazekamp

6.     UNIPD, Italy: Giovanni Stellin

7.     AOP, Italy: Massimo Padalino

8.     KU Leuven, Belgium: Bart Meyns

9.     LUH, Germany: Sonja Kress


Steering Committee (SC): The project’s central decision-making body will be the Steering Committee, comprising one representative per partner organisation and chaired by the coordinator. All Steering Committee members will have the necessary authority within her/his organisation to take decisions and make commitments regarding staff and other resources required by the project.

The SC will oversee project progress, take strategic decisions on project-wide issues, agree on modifications to the project where required and support the coordinator in the successful implementation and completion of the work plan. SC Meetings will be held regularly over the course of the project with scheduled meetings planned on a biannual basis (1 face to face meeting and 1 teleconference per year), where possible to be combined with attendance at international scientific meetings. Additional, ad hoc meetings can be conducted at the request of consortium members. In addition, regular telephone and Skype-conferences will be held to closely monitor developments in the project.

In particular the Steering Committee will:

  • monitor and review project progress and results with regard to the expected impacts, deliverables, milestones and resource allocations;
  • manage the integration and consistency of the individual project components;
  • support the coordinator in drawing up the reports, compilation of related data and deliverables
  • decide on updates/revisions needed to the work and implementation plan, scientific and administrative roadmaps, the allocation of funding and the inclusion of new parties (if needed);
  • in the case of project reviews and reports, analyse reviewers' comments on strategic level and initiate necessary actions;
  • implement recommendations of the Ethics and Governance Council and the Data Safety Monitoring Board
  • oversight and planning of dissemination activities, under the lead of Professor Pomar (IDIBAPS, Partner 4) who is WP leader for WP6 Dissemination and Outreach.