DGFG publishes film on heart valve donation

Please find the film in german language here. [more]

ARISE Trial inclusion completed – calculated sample size exceeded by participating hospitals

120 implantations was the calculated sample size for the ARISE study, which is trialing a novel type of graft – cell-free aortic homografts- for the replacement of aortic valves. 8 participating hospitals managed to include 138... [more]

World Heart Day Information by the European Commission – Rebuilding young lives with cell-free heart valves

The ARISE project has been chosen as a theme for the World Heart Day information campaign by the European Commission. The report can be found here. [more]

Welcome to ARISE

65,000 aortic valve replacements (AVR) are performed in Europe each year to treat acquired and congenital aortic valve diseases. Current AVR options are, however, limited for young patients - especially female patients - and those unwilling to accept life-long medical anticoagulation with its inherent risks. None of the currently available prostheses for AVR is tailored toward the individual patient or allows for individual regeneration. The ARISE project will bridge this therapeutic gap in a clinical study to determine the feasibility, safety and efficacy of regenerative heart valves for aortic valve replacement.